Custom Maps

As of 3.2, VanaMini 3 supports 2 ways to customize maps. You can either host them on your own (or a linkshell) web server, or load/retrieve them directly to and from the device via iTune's File Sharing option. (Requires iOS 4.0+)

You can use the zip file below to load all the maps, or download the map pack and edit them however you like.

If you load them via iTunes, simply select all the files from the 2 folders in the zip file, and load them. Do not drag the folders themselves to iTunes - VanaMini won't see the files if they're still in the folders.

To load them via the web, first download the map pack file below. Unzip the file, and upload both the maps and maps_overlay folders to your own web server

After this is done, configure VanaMini 3 to use the custom server settings seen below

Maps Server Settings

For example, your website is called and you uploaded the 2 maps folders to a subfolder called vanamini, then you would enter:

into the Server field in the settings.

Do not include the http:// in the address! VanaMini will take care of that for you. (Plus it's a pain to type in...)

Note: you do not need to input the 2 folder names into the settings. VanaMini automatically looks for the maps and maps_overlay folders on it's own.

Also, at this time it is not currently possible to add to the maps that are included. VanaMini only looks for those maps. You can however feel free to edit any of the maps in the map pack however you want.

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